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#FreeCal Petition

The petition is formatted for large, ledger sized paper (11"x17"). Due to the size, we will not be publishing a PDF for "self printing". Please scroll down to sign up to gather signatures or ask for one form. We will deliver it or mail it to you. Please email us if you have any questions:

This page will have more information posted, please check back.

Video Instructions on How to Sign the Petition

pick one of the short videos below; they are less than 2m

All Videos Copyright 2017 CFC

All signatures from the SAME county

ONE signature

Signatures from Multiple Counties

VERY IMPORTANT: Citizen's personal information (Address, City, State and Zip is to be used to submit the petition ONLY. That means no copying, no photos, no giving this information to ANYONE other than the CFC.

Sample Sign Graphics

Instructions for Volunteer SIgnature Gatherers

All Videos Copyright CFC


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