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About The California Freedom Coalition


We are a California non-profit, run by Californians who live in California and are proud to call it home. We lobby, rally, research and fight for the rights of all Californians. We promote nonviolent actions to establish the country of California using legal and constitutional means. We are non-partisan and represent ALL Californians from the Bay Area to the Central Valley to Southern California and the Northern Counties. We have more than 20 chapters throughout the state.

Our only source of funding comes from Californians through grass roots campaigns. We do not accept any funds from outside the united states, from special interest groups or corporations. Please consider making a tax deductible donation:

The California Freedom Coalition is made up of two non profit organizations, The California Freedom Coalition Education Fund and The California Freedom Coalition Advocacy Fund. We advocate for peaceful secession from the United States.​

The California Freedom Coalition lobbies for legislative change, gets the word out through rallies, contributes to the communities we live in, conducts research and publishes unique content meant to help all Californians understand their government better.

Click here to read about What We Stand For.

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