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Northern California

Fire Relief

Starting on November 10, 2018, all donations to the CFC will go directly to Fire Relief efforts in Northern California. We will be focusing on Butte County, but will make donations to other areas based on need. This includes monthly memberships as well. Please consider making a fully tax deductible donation.

Money is the most helpful now for evacuated residents, but also tents, generators, trailers RVs and other items that can be used for shelter. If you can donate goods or your time, please contact us at


Donations to the California Freedom Coalition Education Fund (501c3 EIN 82-1014245) are tax free and go directly to help victims of the Northern California fires.

Please consider becoming a Member of the California Freedom Coalition Advocacy Fund (EIN 82-1258666) with a recurring donation of as little as $10 a month. This will provide you with advanced notice of news and developments regarding the movement. Donations to the California Freedom Coalition Advocacy Fund will go to supporting "on the ground" efforts for ensuring Californian's voting rights are restored.

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