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What We Stand For

  • A real democracy. We demand full democratic rights for all Californians. One person one vote.

  • Pro-California. We unapologetically believe in policies that benefit California. We should not have to ask for permission to move our state forward.

  • Put more money in the hands of Californians. We should get our fair share of federal spending, and, ultimately, control over our own tax dollars.

  • Peace and rational military spending. Diplomacy before destruction, peaceful coexistence before unwanted interference. Reasonable levels of military spending that will not bankrupt us.

  • Effective and affordable Healthcare for ALL Californians. Universal single payer healthcare, like most other developed nations, that will save California tens of billions of dollars.

  • Education for the 21st century. We should be funding education in a smart way that brings our system back to a position of world leadership.

  • Equal rights for all Californians. Dignity, liberty, and justice for all Californians, regardless of race, gender identity, religion, national origin, or federal immigration status.

  • Control our environment and our land. Eliminate offshore drilling, protect our parks and natural areas, continue high standards for vehicle emissions and fuel economy. For the vast majority of California federal lands to be transferred to the stewardship of state and local governments.

  • Fix immigration. Enact a straightforward path to California citizenship for California residents. Establish a national immigration policy to continue our history of accepting immigrants, across the economic spectrum from farm labor to the best and brightest prospects for California’s high-tech industries.

  • Develop a comprehensive water policy. Ensure water for all Californians and protect us from potential flooding disasters. Create water independence through technology and conservation.

  • Eliminate California’s under-representation in the US Congress and Senate. The US government is highly skewed towards the minority and favors small states. There is a better way and it does not involve disenfranchising California.

  • Unleash California’s economy. Imagine what our economy could do if we had control over it. Most major innovations in the past 50 years have been invented or revolutionized in California.

Click here to read about how we are fighting for all Californians.

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