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#FreeCal Petition

California Autonomy

On March 19, 2017 an initiative was filed with the [soon to be] Nation of California. Click here for the full initiative text.

The initiative requests that the governor forms a commission to do the following (in order):

  1. fundamental reforms to the American system of governance, including equal representation and an affirmative right of all adult citizens to vote

  2. significant autonomy within the United States for California, whereby decisions at the federal level have little impact on the lives of Californians

  3. California becoming an independent country

Summary of the initiative:

  1. Explains the case for California seeking home rule and/or independence.

  2. Removes "inseparable" from the part of the California Constitution about our California’s relationship with the United States.

  3. Requires the governor to lead ongoing negotiations with the united states to gain more autonomy, with the end goal of home rule and/or independence.

  4. Establishes a permanent state government commission, modeled off the Little Hoover Commission, to study all the ways that California can move towards home rule or independence.

  5. Takes effect in November 2018 (no separate referendum required).

  6. The initiative is drafted with these goals in mind:

(a) demonstrating that independence is possible and legally feasible;

(b) getting through the courts and onto the ballot;

(c) potentially attracting majority support


Rationale #1: California is a Nation

  • California, while currently a state, is also a nation in its own right, and it is in our best interest as Californians to act accordingly.

  • California has a history as a recognizable polity going back farther than the American Revolution.

  • Californians have a shared set of values, distinct both from those of Americans and other peoples, that contribute to our success.

  • California’s borders are not arbitrary lines on a map but reflect real physical geography.

  • California is tightly integrated economically and by water, electrical, and transportation infrastructure.


Rationale #2: California’s Crisis of Political Representation

  • Electoral College denies California’s and Californians an equal vote for President.

  • Senate rigged against large states meaning Californians have the least amount of influence on the Supreme Court, Cabinet and all Federal appointments.

  • Gerrymandering guts California’s proportionate voice in the House and removing any say in creating the Federal budget and taxes.

  • Big Money enables the overt and cynical gaming of the system through these structural inequalities by very specific regions and parties.

Rationale #3: California’s Existential Threats (Why Now?)

The current Administration, Congress and Supreme Court pose a dire and imminent threat:

  • To California’s ability to have effective and fair Governance

  • To California’s social fabric and its successful model of diversity

  • To California’s global and open economy

  • To California’s lands and environment

  • To California’s security and defense


In Summary

California needs to remove itself its association with the USA Federal Government because:

  • it’s undemocratic

  • it’s illegitimate

  • it’s broken

  • it’s dangerous

  • We’re already a nation by every modern measure anyway

and last but not least...We Want To

Click here for a printable summary of the initiative.

Click here for Counter Arguments to the Path to Independence.

Click here for a detailed Counter Arguments printable document.

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