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CFC Supports Returning Federal Land to Native Americans


As a leader in the California Independence Movement, the CFC recognizes that there are other groups with their own missions and approaches to independence. We typically work well with these other groups and don’t interfere. However, we want to make sure that our members understand the recent activities of a "Calexit" group that do not reflect California values.


A recent announcement was made on Fox News about a group who plans to create an “Autonomous Nation” for Native Americans. A few key points about this so-called “proposal”:

  • We find it questionable to ask for donations that would divert money from Native American causes and go to a organization without financial transparency

  • The CFC has reached out to dozens of stakeholders in the activist community and not a single Native American group was consulted before this proposal was published


The CFC has met with Native American Activist groups in the past and looks forward to continued dialog and finding common ground. Like other pro-California groups, the CFC is absolutely committed to returning as much federal land to Native Americans as is possible.

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