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In America, not all voters are created equal

This infographic is the first release in the CFC Education Fund’s “Taxation without Representation” project, which aims to educate Californians about just how badly their voting rights are silenced by the American system of government, how much their federal tax dollars subsidize other states, and how the two are related.

Click here for an SVG file you can use to create your own infographic.

The infographic and the underlying map are Creative-Commons licensed, allowing anyone to publish or re-mix it as they see fit. Please credit us as “California Freedom Coalition CC-BY-4.0.

For Further Reading

Smaller States find Outsize Clout Growing in Senate, New York Times.

Sizing up the Senate (book).

The complete press release can be found here.

Coverage of this research in the news from Pulitzer prize winning author Dennis Romero.

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