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SB822 Net Neutrality

SB822 the ‘Gold Standard’ of State Net Neutrality Laws was introduced by Assemblymember Scott Weiner of San Francisco, who has introduced many CFC endorsed bills, but was quickly hijacked by a small group of Democratic legislators and essentially gutted. The CFC quickly sprung into action and contacted Assemblymember Evan Low, one of the legislators who allowed the bill to be watered down. These and other lobbying efforts by several consumer groups, were able to convince the co-sponsors to bring back key consumer protections to the bill. SB822 has been combined with SB460 and both should be headed for the governors desk later this year.

The CFC will act on these and other issues that impact Californians. We will work tirelessly to defend your rights and ensure that state, local and federal laws are enacted to protect Californians and not hurt us. These lobbying efforts do cost money, please consider donating to the CFC Advocacy Fund.

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