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CFC Endorsements

Contact your legislator

CA legislative staff are friendly and love to hear from their constituents. Find your legislators here, and then call their Capitol office. Please make sure to say you are from the California Freedom Coalition.

Active Bills the CFC Endorses


  • SB 49 — enshrines current environmental, public health, and labor standards in state law

  • SB 51 — protects federal climate change whistleblowers from losing state professional licenses

Federal lands

  • SB 50 — attempts to intervene in sales of federal land by refusing to record the deed

    • SUPPORT IF AMENDED: sent letter 2017-08-18. Asking for an amendment that would allow the state to proactively seek transferring some federal lands to state stewardship.

    • The bill’s author is not interested in our amendment, so we have NO POSITION.

  • SB 188 — bans new infrastructure in state waters that lead to increased oil and gas extraction in federal waters

Health Care

  • SB 562 — establishes single-payer universal health care system in California


    • This bill is stalled in the Assembly. Establishing a single-payer health care system in California would require amending the state Constitution; we are coordinating with an initiative campaign that would do this.


  • SB 54 — minimizes cooperation between state and local law enforcement and ICE

    • SUPPORT: sent letter of support 2017-08-22. Recommended the state move beyond saying that we don’t want in California (serious felons) to affirmatively identifying who among undocumented residents we consider Californians, and prioritizing standing up for them in court.


  • AB 249 — CA Disclose Act. Adds long-overdue disclosures to campaign ads in CA.

  • SB 149 — requires presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns to appear on the CA presidential primary ballot

  • SB 568 — moves primary election to March, giving Californians a chance to weigh in the presidential primary before the race is over

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