Steve Gonzales

President, Board Member (501c3 and 501c4)

An experienced, successful hi-tech leader building large computer systems.

As board member for another 501c3, he helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the benefit of disadvantaged students. Steve was a fundraising and development coordinator at a non-profit transportation agency that provided free transportation for the elderly and handicapped, and built a complete donor management system that tracked mailings, contributions and donors. Steve helped organize a neighborhood association and wrote and received grants from the his city’s department of neighborhoods.

Steve has volunteered in numerous capacities around the world, from a Bosnian refugee center in Ireland to a clean water project in Kenya.

Steve’s great grandparents migrated to California from Spain, Portugal and Italy, and his family still operates an apricot orchard in Hollister.


Shankar Singam

Vice President, Chapter Liaison, Board Member (501c3 and 501c4)

Shankar truly believes he is living in the greatest place on Earth. The first decade of his life he grew up in NorCal (Silicon Valley) and the second decade in So Cal (Orange County). Embracing all things Californian, he came to realize the world gravitates naturally towards Californian culture.

After receiving a degree and multiple certificates from the CSU system he pursued a career in three different areas. In fashion: he spent six years in the textile industry globally manufacturing clothing for retail giants. In music: signed onto top recording labels and toured the globe playing bass, bringing California metal to the masses. In literature: authored a haunting biography ‘Hunting the Dead Realm‘.

Currently a school counselor for Construction tradesmen, he motivates his students to understand the law, accounting and sales to build their own business. In 2016 he helped 120 California Construction corporations get off the ground and build up California. His political activism includes support of the Prop 215 (1996), against the Prop 8 (2008), and in support of the CFC’s own initiative, “California Autonomy from Federal Government“.


Neil Longhurst

Treasurer, Board Member (501c4)

Neil Longhurst is a retired business executive from Carlsbad, California. His broad international experience in finance and business management included 25 years with Ford Motor Company, with several international assignments in Asia and Europe. After Ford, he and a business partner started a golf-centered real estate development in Montana, where he was Managing Director until 2012. Since then, he’s volunteered to assist entrepreneurs starting or expanding their businesses, in the San Diego area and in Toronto, Canada.

Neil grew up in Canada, and earned a B.Sc and MBA from Queen’s University. He moved to Michigan with Ford in 1981. After living in three other countries and three US states, he came to Carlsbad in 2016. He loves running, and in road races is very competitive in his age group.


Timothy Vollmer

Chief Strategist, Board Member (501c3)

Timothy Vollmer, Ph.D. is an independent anthropologist and researcher, freelance writer and community organizer. A lifelong Californian, raised and still based in the San Francisco Bay Area, he attended the University of California where he obtained his undergraduate, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Anthropology. Dr. Vollmer also completed a post-Doctoral program at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health and spent time as an associate scientist at a NIH affiliated research unit there.  HE obtained a high school teaching credential from San Francisco State University and spent many years as a K-12 educator before going on to teach at UC Berkeley, Laney College In Oakland, and Cabrillo College in Aptos.

His work experience in journalism includes being an assistant producer for CBS News, Op-Ed and feature writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, and as managing editor and column writer for the San Francisco Sentinel, an important LGBT newspaper during the height of the AIDS epidemic. More recently, Dr. Vollmer served as a volunteer and President of the Board of Directors for the San Francisco Gay Men’s Community Initiative, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.


Cindy Sheehan

Board Member (501c3)

California’s highly regarded peace and social justice activist.

Cindy is famous worldwide for her anti-war efforts—especially her historic 2005 encampment at President George W. Bush’s compound outside Crawford, Texas. Cindy is also deeply committed to the issues of affordable health care, same-sex marriage, renewable energy and improving children’s education.

In addition to working tirelessly to improve the lives of all Californians, Cindy has published a memoir, Peace Mom: A Mother’s Journey Through Heartache to Activism. A lifelong Californian, she ran for Congress in 2008, was the vice-presidential nominee of the Peace and Freedom Party in 2012, and their candidate for California Governor in 2014. Cindy has continued to host a podcast/radio show “Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox” for 9 years and is the host of “The People Speak” on

Now the proud grandmother of five sixth-generation Californians, Sheehan dedicates her work to them and all of the children of the world.